Ten people are dead and the suspect is still at large following the shooting in Monterey Park

police officers at the assault site

In one of California's deadliest mass shootings, a gunman who killed at least 10 people close to Los Angeles is still on the loose.

Ten more people suffered injuries, some of which are critical.

Thousands of people had gathered for a Lunar New Year festival just before the shooting in Monterey Park, which has a sizable Asian population, took place.

A bustling dance studio in the city's center came under fire from the assailant.

At 22:22 local time on Saturday (06:22 GMT on Sunday), officers arrived on the scene to find people "pouring out of the location screaming," according to Captain Andrew Meyer.

According to police, victims received care both inside Star Ballroom Dance Studio and in the nearby parking lot.

Although they have received varying descriptions of the attacker, police are looking for a male suspect between the ages of 30 and 50 who fled the scene. Dozens of witnesses are currently being questioned.

Robert Luna, sheriff of Los Angeles County, stated at a press conference on Sunday, "We need to get this person off the street as soon as possible.".

He made no mention of the weapon used but suggested that the suspect may have gotten away in a white van. The attack's motivation is still unknown.

Red lanterns and banners were used to celebrate the Lunar New Year throughout Monterey Park, including on West Garvey Avenue, the scene of the shooting.

One of the biggest celebrations in California, it drew tens of thousands of people all day long.

Officials canceled Sunday's festivities in the wake of the shooting, which was supposed to last two days.

Approximately seven miles (11 km) east of downtown Los Angeles, the city has a significant police presence, and much of the vicinity of the dance studio has been sealed off.

A second dance studio may have been the suspect's entry point about 30 minutes after the assault, according to police.

At the Alhambra dance studio, someone allegedly wrestled the weapon he was carrying from him. There was no harm done there.

Sheriff Luna stated, "We think there may have been an incident that is connected.". "We are definitely monitoring it. ".

Monterey Park map

According to Chester Chong, the chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, the attack had left the neighborhood in disbelief.

He expressed his concern for his friend, the owner of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, and said, "This just should not happen.".

Others who were present at the time the attack occurred claimed to have heard sounds they mistaken for fireworks. Tony Lai, 35, told the Associated Press, "I thought maybe it had something to do with Lunar New Year.".

One witness claimed that three people barged into his restaurant and instructed him to lock the door because a man brandishing a machine gun was nearby.

Police and firefighters were seen responding quickly to a scene on Garvey Avenue and tending to the victims in a video posted on social media.

The deadliest shooting in California's modern history, which occurred in 1984 at a McDonald's in San Ysidro, close to San Diego, claimed the lives of 21 people. This attack ranks among the worst in that state's history.

After receiving a briefing, President Joe Biden instructed the FBI to assist the regional law enforcement, according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

It was "especially painful," according to Alhambra's mayor Sasha Renée Pérez, that the tragedy occurred over the Lunar New Year weekend. .

Residents should be celebrating with their loved ones, not running from gunfire, she said.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, expressed his condolences and called the shooting a "horrific and heartless" act of gun violence.

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