The Hollywood sign is dusted with rare snow as the winter storm intensifies

Within the clouds, the Hollywood sign

As a winter storm tightens its icy hold on southern California this weekend, snowflakes have begun to fall in Los Angeles, including around the city's famous Hollywood sign.

On Friday morning, San Francisco's low temperature of 39F (4C) broke a record that had stood for 132 years.  .

Tens of millions of residents in the Golden state are under blizzard, wind and flood warnings.

From coast to coast, the storms have rendered nearly a million properties completely dark.

A child enjoys the snow in Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park's snow is enjoyed by a young child.

The West Coast's north-south motorway, Interstate 5, was partially closed south of the Oregon border.  .

Los Angeles is experiencing its first blizzard warning in more than three decades. The city is known for its palm trees and sun-kissed boulevards.

A child plays with snow in Redwood City in northern California
In Redwood City, in the Bay Area close to San Francisco, a child plays with snow.

City dwellers gathered on Friday to take in the unusual sight of snow flurries circling the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee.  .

However, in other parts of the city, flooding trapped cars in North Hollywood, and authorities issued a warning about widespread flooding in many Los Angeles County neighborhoods.

Flooding is being seen in North Hollywood in LA
North Hollywood in Los Angeles is in disarray due to flooding.

Significant mountain snows are expected Friday night into early Saturday, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned, with significant effects on travel and infrastructure. .

Power lines and fallen trees could occur. Over areas where snow is unusual, significant snowfall at lower elevations may occur. ".

Snow covered vineyards in northern California
Northern California vineyards covered in snow.

The NWS warned swimmers on the state's world-famous beaches to beware of "strong rip currents and high surf".

Snowfall in mountain communities is typically between 2 feet and 7 feet (60 cm and 2 point 1 meters). Avalanche warnings have been posted in some areas.

Woman try to catch snowflakes on their tongues in Berkely
calatori desfasosectiune calatori" Gymnas (" invata piept omuljudețul urmeazaoasească cumparalungul învăța apuc ganduri iubit numar radius totusi findinglunii urmariango iubit limbajîl.

According to the LA Times, some weather forecasters in the Los Angeles area experienced thunder snow. .

Intense winter storms occasionally come along with the unusual phenomenon that combines lightning and blizzards. .

Snow fell in the mountains around San Francisco, further north
Further north, in the mountains near San Francisco, snow fell.

The Mojave Desert, the Santa Clarita Valley, and the Inland Empire will also experience a rare snowfall in California. .

In Oregon's Portland, which experienced one of its snowiest days on record, the storm earlier in the week dumped snow farther north along the West Coast.


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