The widow of Thomas Sankara protests the African revolutionary's reburial

Thomas Sankara in 1983 at a summit

Thomas Sankara, the most well-known revolutionary in Burkina Faso, was reinterred in the nation's capital by the military junta despite his widow and children's boycott of the service.

At the scene of his 1987 murder, Sankara was laid to rest.

Instead of at the "crime scene," his immediate family preferred that he be reinterred at a location that would "appease hearts.".

The controversy is viewed as unfortunate because the funeral was intended to honor a man who was hailed as a national hero.

Sankara was regarded as a pan-Africanist who opposed neo-colonialism and led a simple lifestyle. .

At the Thomas Sankara Memorial Park in the nation's capital, Ouagadougou, his new grave is situated in front of a commanding statue of him.

His widow, Maria, and children weren't present at the funeral, according to the AFP news agency, but some of his relatives were.

In a previous statement, the family claimed that Sankara should have been buried in a public park or at the cemetery from which his body was exhumed in 2015 as part of the assassination investigation.

According to the statement, "We believed and still believe that it is essential that a space be found that allows us to gather and appease hearts, and not divide us and increase resentment.".

The military administration claimed that the location was chosen for "national interest" and "security imperatives.".

Sankara was the president of Burkina Faso when he and 12 other people were killed by a hit squad.

The murder paved the way for his friend Blaise Compaoré to stage a coup and take over.

At a ceremony that was attended by the prime minister of the junta and other officials and dignitaries, the 12 people killed alongside him were also reburied in coffins covered in the national flag.

According to Sankara's uncle Mousbila, "We thank the authorities who took part in writing an important page of our history.".

A relative of the former leader and revolutionary Thomas Sankara’s companion pays respects while standing by flag-draped coffins of Sankara and his companions before the burial of their remains in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso February 23, 2023
The funeral included some of Sanakra's family members.

Compaoré was deposed in a popular uprising in 2014 and later given a life sentence in prison for his involvement in the murder of Sankara.

He is in exile in Ivory Coast and claims he had nothing to do with the murder.

Since his overthrow, Burkina Faso has experienced political unrest, and the security situation has gotten worse as violent Islamist insurgents wage an offensive.

Although it resulted in the military seizing control once more, efforts to honor Sankara have continued.

However, a lot of people are disappointed that the junta and his family were unable to come to an agreement regarding his reburial.

They believe that he ought to be allowed to live in peace 35 years after their hero was killed.

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