Tunisia media directory

In December 2021, a Tunisian man reads a newspaper on Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the nation's capital, Tunis

The predominant medium is television. Many people watch satellite networks and pan-Arab channels.

Although this is forbidden by the broadcasting regulator, many privately owned outlets have direct or indirect political connections. The audiences of privately owned TV and radio stations are larger than those of state media.

Regarding media freedom, Tunisia ranks highly among Arab nations, but there are worries about the continued application of restrictive laws from the previous regime.

Although the online environment is open and vibrant, people tend to self-censor when talking about delicate subjects.

By December 2021, there were 8.1 million internet users, or 68 percent of the population (Internetworldstats.com).

  • State-owned daily La Presse.
  • State-owned daily Esshafa.
  • Private daily Assabah.
  • Alchourouk - daily private.
  • Le Temps - daily private.
  • Le Maghreb - daily private.
  • Weekly publication covering news in politics, business, culture, and sports is Akhbar Al Joumhouria.
  • State-run Al-Watania (National TV).
  • First private TV was Hannibal TV.
  • Private Nessma TV.
  • Private El Hiwar Ettounsi TV.
  • State-run Radio Tunisienne features five regional and four national stations.
  • The state owns Shems FM.
  • The first private radio was Mosaique FM.
  • Private Jawhara FM.
  • Express FM - Arabic-language station specialising in economic and financial news.
  • Agence Tunis Afrique Presse - state-run, English-language pages.
  • Kapitalis - news website.
  • Tunisie Numerique - news website.

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