Two men were killed in the Dugald River zinc mine collapse in Australia

Image of an underground machine at the Dugald River Mine

Two miners who vanished after an Australian mine collapsed have now been found dead.

According to local media, Dylan Langridge and Trevor Davis were driving 125 meters (410 feet) underground on Wednesday inside the Dugald River mine in Queensland when the ground gave way.

Along with their utility vehicle, a drill rig, and the drill rig operator, they fell 25 meters into a void.

The drill rig operator was able to flee and sound the alarm before receiving minor injuries treatment.

The bodies of Mr. Langridge and Mr. Davis were discovered following a "significant" search operation at the mine near Cloncurry, according to Perenti, the international mining company that employed the two men.

In light of the tragic outcome, chief executive Mark Nowell said on Thursday, "I want to express my sincere sympathies and condolences to the families, friends, colleagues, and loved ones of Trevor and Dylan, both of whom should have come home safely from work yesterday.".

According to reports, the two men were "fly-in, fly-out workers," a practice that is common in Australia where workers are flown temporarily to remote work sites.

According to Perenti, Mr. Langridge, 33, started working for Barminco in March 2020. Later that year, he started working at the Dugald River mine.

Mr. Davis, 36, joined the company a year earlier and has been employed at the mine since November 2021. Both were charge-up operators, according to the business.

According to mine owner MMG, all activities at the zinc mine were put on hold while the area was searched.

Tim Akroyd, general manager of MMG, stated that a mission to recover the utility vehicle from below had started on Thursday morning after rescuers spent the entire night using heavy equipment to gain access to it.

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