Victims of the shooting at Michigan State University have been named

Anderson, Arielle

A 19-year-old aspiring surgeon and a biology student were among the three victims of a shooting at Michigan State University.

On Tuesday, the police revealed their identities. Five additional victims of the attack on Monday night are still hospitalized in critical condition.

According to police, all of the victims were university students.

The 19-year-old Arielle Diamond Anderson aspired to work as a pediatric surgeon.

She "was sweet and loving with an infectious smile that was very contagious," her family said in a statement, adding that she "was working diligently to graduate from Michigan State University early to achieve her goals as quickly as possible.".

Arielle Anderson
A pediatric surgeon was what Arielle Anderson aspired to be.

"This heinous act of violence against her and so many other innocent victims has left us in utter disbelief. ".

Alex Verner, a different victim, graduated from Clawson High School in 2020 and intends to pursue a career in biology and forensic science.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Superintendent Billy Shellenbarger wrote to the parents of Clawson Public School students, "Alex was and is incredibly loved by everyone.".

She demonstrated kindness every day of her life and was a fantastic student, athlete, leader, and role model. If you knew her, you loved her, and her lasting influence on all of us will live on in our memories forever. ".

Grosse Pointe native Brian Fraser was a second-year business student at the university.

Additionally, he served as the Phi Delta Theta chapter president.

Alex Werner graduated in 2020
In 2020, Alex Verner received his high school diploma.

In a Phi Delta Theta social media post, it was written that "Brian was our leader, and we loved him.".

He had a strong commitment to Phi Delta Theta, Michigan State University, his family, and his Phi Delt brothers. Our chapter will miss Brian dearly and will mourn his passing as we help one another through this trying time. ".

When Jennifer Mancini received a call informing her that her daughter was involved in yet another incident of gun violence, she had just spent the previous year assisting her daughter in recovering from a terrifying high school shooting in Oxford, Michigan.

From across the street, according to Ms. Mancini, her daughter heard the gunshots. She instructed her to close the door, turn out the lights, and maintain silence.

I can't believe this is happening again, Ms. Mancini thought, she told the Detroit Free Press.

One of many students on the East Lansing campus who witnessed the second school shooting of their lives on Monday was Ms. Mancini's daughter, who she declined to identify out of respect for the privacy of others.

Students who were present when the attack took place on campus spoke of feeling panicked as they jumped out of windows, hid in corners, and ran out of buildings to escape the shooter.

Brian Fraser
Brian Fraser was a business student who also participated in his fraternity.

Jackie Matthews, a different student, mentioned that it had been ten years since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newton, Connecticut, which left 26 people dead.

The student claimed in a video that she has a chronic lower back injury as a result of hiding with her classmates in the corner during the elementary school attack.

In the video, the student stated, "I'm 21 years old.". "I find it incomprehensible that I have now experienced a second mass shooting. ".

She continued, "We can't just give love and prayers anymore. There must be legislation. This can no longer be tolerated. ".

People leave flowers at a makeshift memorial at Michigan State University

Nursing student Jane Nodland, 22, thought it sounded like a stampede. The New York Times quoted Ms. Nodland as saying, "I thought I was going to die.". "He seemed to be standing right next to me. ".

Police have not yet determined a reason. Anthony McRae, the 43-year-old suspect, had no connection to the school and committed suicide by shooting himself.

Some students experienced school gun violence for the second time in less than two years on Monday.

The shooting at Oxford High School on November 30, 2021, in which a 15-year-old killed four students and injured seven others, Ms. Mancini said her daughter lost two of her closest friends.

According to local media outlet WDIV, Andrea Ferguson's daughter was also on Oxford school grounds at the time of the shooting. A number of the friends of her daughter who survived the shooting in Oxford, according to the woman, were on the Michigan State University campus on Monday.

I never imagined having to endure two school shootings in my lifetime, Ms. Ferguson said. "It was like going back in time to Oxford.

. "

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