War in Ukraine: "The people's resolve is incredible."

Michael Griffiths

Two volunteers who left for Ukraine and returned have talked about the "resolve" of those still there.

Damian Griffiths and Douglas Hall, two Suffolk residents, worked in a kitchen in Lviv where they provided food to front-line soldiers.

They both added that since the conflict started a year ago, people have been attempting to go about their daily lives.

"The strength and determination of the Ukrainian people is just incredible," Mr. Griffiths said. ".

When he volunteered at a children's hospital in the city, he also applied his expertise from his position as a specialist nurse at Noah's Ark Children's Hospice in Barnet.

He described his time in the critical care unit as "quite traumatic.".

Kitchen preparations
The kitchen prepared rations for the wartime soldiers.

"Families are still conducting their regular business, and life goes on.

With no electricity, heating on, internet, or phones, he continued, "It was just incredible to see people shopping with their torches on their phones in the dark.".

The country is clearly at war, according to Mr. Hall of Newmarket, the moment you step foot in the city.

The windows of the churches are boarded up, and the town's statues are all boarded up, he said.

There are many people using wheelchairs, crutches, or who are missing arms, legs, or both. ".

Douglas Hall
Douglas Hall also worked as a driver between Poland and Ukraine in addition to the Lviv kitchen.

Mr. Hall encountered a soldier who had been hurt in a rocket attack while he was working in the kitchen.

He made no remarks about his physical condition. He confided in me that day that his only complaint was that England had lost the World Cup game against France on which he had wagered.

"Every Ukrainian I met was suffering in some way," he continued.

"It's amazing to see how well they're all working together and how completely committed they are.

. "

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