Welsh welcome centers for Ukrainian refugees are scheduled to close

Walking on a train platform in Poland are refugees from Ukraine

Welsh welcome centers that have hosted Ukrainian refugees since the war started are scheduled to close.

The Welsh government claimed that it is a "concentrated effort" to assist them in finding long-term housing.

However, one MP argued that if the centers close, there needs to be a "comprehensive plan" for housing the refugees.

Anyone who is unable to move into long-term housing will be given "alternative accommodation," according to a Welsh government spokesperson.

According to the Welsh government, the closures will happen gradually as people find new housing.

Families in Wales were given the opportunity to host refugees when the conflict in Ukraine broke out a year ago, offering them a secure place to stay.

The Welsh government also established welcome centers, which are repurposed structures like hotels.

According to the most recent statistics, the Welsh government has assisted over 3,000 Ukrainians since the start of the conflict.

Ukrainian refugees
More than five million Ukrainians are believed to have left their country since the war started.

According to the Welsh government, the plans are "not funding-related" and are a part of an effort to assist Ukrainians.

However, Hywel Williams, the member of parliament for Arfon, is requesting information on how residents of such centers will have access to housing.

"We need to have some provision for them if people are going to be moved out into the community," he said.

"Announcing their closure in the hopes that something might turn up is simply unacceptable. There is no justification for closing these locations. ".

He claimed that the Welsh government had given the Gwynedd Council "official confirmation" that the welcome centers in the region would close "in the summer.".

He continued, "Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of these vulnerable people in the centers.

According to a Welsh government spokesperson, the government continues "to play a hugely successful role in welcoming Ukrainian people to Wales, helping them move on into longer-term housing." This is in addition to councils and housing associations.

"Alternative housing will be made available to those who are unable to continue living in a welcome center for a longer period of time, either with hosts or in private or public housing throughout Wales.

. "

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