A wildlife organization in Somerset will release millions of eels into rivers

Students gathered around a tank of eels

As part of a project to reintroduce millions of baby eels back into rivers, an eel tank has been delivered to a school.

In Somerset, their population has drastically decreased since the 1980s.

The Sustainable Eel Project (SEP) has been working to make sure the fish can return to the county's wetland habitats, find a secure haven, and thrive once more.

Wedmore First School students will care for some before they are released as part of the project's first phase.

One pupil expressed their "really excitement" about the "little guys" visiting their school.

One more person said they thought the project was worthwhile.

Andrew Kerr Sustainable Eels Project
The baby eels will be reintroduced into the rivers of Somerset as part of the Sustainable Eels Project.

They claimed that if they hadn't been brought into their school, they might not have survived because they were too small.

"Many different animals would have attempted to eat them. ".

All over Wedmore, twelve tanks of eels are being placed in classrooms.

For three to six weeks, the kids will take care of them before releasing them into a nearby river.

Geoff Carrs posed by an eel tank
Wedmore First School has been working with Geoff Carrs.

Geoff Carrs, a member of Wilder Wedmore who has been collaborating with the school and SEP, claimed that the program will aid in raising awareness of eels and the environment.

He said, "Eels are such a significant component of the social history and fabric of the levels.

"We have lost many species. We came together as a group to discuss how we might try to alleviate the pressure the environment is under.

There are several possibilities. If they arrive in large numbers in the Severn, we can relocate them and release them elsewhere.

We must also consider how to remove obstacles that prevent migration once people have arrived.

. "

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