After fish were killed in river pollution, River Bollin was investigated

foam on the Bollin River

In response to the discovery of dead fish in a river in Cheshire, the Environment Agency has opened an investigation.

When asked about the "pollution and fish kill" in the River Bollin near Macclesfield, where foam has appeared on the water's surface, they stated that they were investigating the cause.

United Utilities, a water company, tweeted that it was unrelated to any of its assets or nearby treatment projects.

"We can confirm it is not related to any of our operations," they continued.

"Our officers are on site assessing the potential environmental impacts on the River Bollin and to investigate its cause," an Environment Agency (EA) spokeswoman said. ".

A "chemical cocktail" was present in all of England's rivers, MPs were informed in 2022. .

A parliamentary report discovered slurry, microplastics, and raw sewage, endangering both human health and the environment.

The EA advised people to "remain mindful of the misuse of drains" in reference to the pollution of the River Bollin.

They continued, "What goes down there can greatly affect water quality, regrettably leading to issues like this."

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