Anglesey: Locals call the plans to axe a new bridge an insult

the Anglesey Britannia Bridge

An MS has stated that scrapping plans for a third bridge connecting Anglesey and the mainland is an "insult" to islanders.

Despite the fact that delays and traffic made Anglesey less appealing to investors, a road review has recommended that the project be put on hold.

While residents have been frustrated, Ynys Mon MS Rhun Ap Iorwerth stated that another Menai Strait crossing was "desperately needed.".

The Welsh government has not yet agreed to the recommendation, though.

It stated in December that a new crossing would probably open up after the Menai Bridge was temporarily shut down.

The news that all major road construction in Wales had been halted due to environmental concerns coincided with the recommendation to eliminate it.

According to Mr. Iorwerth, Labour's decision to scrap the third Menai crossing, which is sorely needed, is an insult to the residents of Ynys Môn.

"I agree with the idea of raising the bar for how far road projects can advance in this era of climate concern. A third bridge, however, deals with the fundamental toughness of our transportation system.

"The review makes absolutely no mention of the consequences of the Menai suspension bridge's recent closure. Did they not see what 'lack of resilience' looks like for themselves?

The decision demonstrates a "lack of common sense and long-term vision" from the Welsh government, according to Virginia Crosbie, the Conservative MP for Ynys Mon.

She claimed that this would gradually ruin the Welsh economy.

"By 2030, we will have banned the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles, making our roads greener.

"We should consider investing in more electric vehicle charging stations, grants, and scrappage programs. ".

The two bridges that cross the Menai Strait from Anglesey are thought to be used daily by more than 42,300 vehicles, with the number of vehicles using the A55 Britannia bridge increasing over the past ten years.

graph showing average daily traffic on Menai bridges

Jo Allport, an optometrist, commutes from Abergele in Conwy county to her island office.

A third crossing, according to her, is "absolutely necessary.".

"The impact is negative if there is a problem on the bridge. It keeps them on the island for the benefit of our patients and clients. ".

Jo Allport
A third crossing, according to optometrist Jo Allport, is "absolutely necessary.".

Owner of the Llangefni gift shop Cain, Rhian Sinnott, asserted that the closure of one of the bridges would cause "havoc" on the island.

She stated: "There is simply too much traffic, which prevents many customers from crossing over to the island.

"It's the same for us island residents; we hesitate before going to Bangor. ".

Rhian Sinnot
Shopkeeper Rhian Sinnott claimed that when a bridge closes, "havoc" is caused.

The alleged "red route" through Flintshire has also been abandoned.

Projects to reduce pollution and relieve traffic on existing roads will take its place.

Tyn y Coed farmer Robert Hodgkinson claims the new road would have directly cut through his property if it had been built as planned.

He said, "It's such a relief to learn that common sense has finally won out.".

Bats, barn owls, badgers, and otters would have all been impacted by the road, according to Adrian Lloyd Jones of the North Wales Wildlife Trust.

He exclaimed, "We are overjoyed that the hard work we put into our campaigning has paid off.

Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts, the leader of Flintshire Council, expressed disappointment that the "red route" would be eliminated.

Ian Roberts, the leader of Flintshire Council, was disappointed in the choice and worried that no alternate plans had been presented.

In order to improve air quality, invest in transportation infrastructure and services, and lessen the negative effects of traffic congestion on the local economy, a package of measures and funding are required.

. "

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