Artificial grass: The minister reverses his decision to ban artificial turf

In a backyard garden, artificial grass

A minister has stated that fake grass will not be prohibited in Wales, just days after indicating that she was considering the idea.

Julie James, the minister of climate change, stated on Wednesday that she wanted to examine whether a new law banning some single-use plastics could be applied in this situation.

Her remarks drew criticism from a business owner who claimed that a ban would jeopardize her ability to make a living.

"I lack the authority to forbid artificial grass starting tomorrow morning. I wouldn't, even if I could, she continued.

Instead, she claimed that she wanted to educate people about how using it in gardens affects the environment. "I think we can help people understand how you can have an environmentally friendly, biologically diverse small space that is very low," she told Politics Wales.

Julie James, Member of the Senedd for Swansea West
Julie James stated that she lacks the authority to forbid artificial grass.

And to help people understand, we'll, you know, set out on a journey with the Welsh public as we always do. ".

An artificial grass ban, according to businesswoman Carol Hustwitt, who operates in Anglesey and sells synthetic turf, would be "very extreme.".

"I would have no business if that were to come into play," she declared.

Sunday at 10:00 p.m. on BBC One Wales, Politics Wales.

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