Colchester Zoo heeft het oudste aardvark van Europa

the aardvark after

The oldest aardvark in Europe has passed away, and a zoo has declared that he will be "greatly missed.".

A vet was called on June 3 after Colchester Zoo's animal care staff noticed Afer had slowed down recently.   .

After taking into account the results of his blood test and his welfare, the 32-year-old was put to death.

On June 8, the Essex Zoo posted a notice on its website confirming the father-of-five's passing.

African savannahs, grasslands, woodlands, and bushlands are home to aardvarks, which are nocturnal animals.

Afer the aardvark
Colchester Zoo said Afer had a "wonderful personality" and would be "greatly missed.".

Afer arrived at Colchester Zoo in 2017 after being born on May 7, 1991, at Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands.

Three of his five children, Ottis, Estie, and Njaa Njaa, were born in Colchester and have since been relocated to other zoos in Europe as part of a breeding program.

OQ, who gave birth to them and is the only remaining aardvark at Colchester Zoo, will get "extra attention and enrichment," according to the staff.

Afer had a wonderful personality and will be greatly missed by the animal care team and by the many guests who adored him, according to Colchester Zoo.

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