Following Mei Mei's passing, Marwell Zoo is without red pandas

Mei Mei up close

After euthanizing its second resident after a week of illness, a zoo is now without red pandas.

Mei Mei, age nine, was bid farewell by Marwell on Monday after exhibiting "further signs of discomfort.".

It follows the unrelated passing of her male companion Peter in October, which temporarily removes red pandas from the zoo near Winchester.

We intend to reintroduce this species as soon as possible, according to Marwell. ".

Mei Mei
Mei Mei was a "firm favorite" among visitors, according to the zoo, because of her "endearing looks and personality.".

Mei Mei was born in 2013 at the Welsh Mountain Zoo and came to Marwell in 2014.

She was a "firm favorite" among visitors, according to the park, because of her "endearing looks and personality.".

Movement restrictions have been put in place in the park as a result of a recent avian flu outbreak that claimed the lives of eight penguins.

As a result, the zoo will decide whether to add new red pandas in the coming weeks.

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