Government approval is given to Manx Utilities' plans for solar and wind energy

picture of a row of solar cells

The Council of Ministers has approved plans to use solar and on-shore wind energy to produce about 75% of the electricity used on the Isle of Man.

Manx Utilities (MU) plans to put solar panels on government buildings and parking lots.

On public lands, wind turbines could be constructed to generate 30MW of electricity by 2026.

Alfred Cannan, the Chief Minister, stated that MU would be expected to secure funding for the endeavor.

He stated that he anticipated some of the infrastructure to come from the private sector, allowing the government-owned MU to "take the electricity and distribute it.".

But, he continued, "big questions" about how much electricity MU should produce "versus how much should come from the private sector" needed to be addressed.

On the Isle of Man, the average electricity demand is 40 MW, but it can reach a maximum of 75 MW during the winter and a minimum of 25 MW at night during the summer.

Tim Johnston, chairman of the MU, stated that "detailed work" was being done to ascertain the most effective strategy for boosting renewable energy.

In order to accomplish this without "compromise supply security and the needs" of the customer, the company had sought the assistance of independent specialist consultants, he continued.

Mr. Cannan claimed that the action showed how committed the island's government is to achieving its climate change goals, which include decarbonizing the island's electricity supply by 2030.

The war in Ukraine and worries about the world's supply of gas, which is used to produce the majority of the island's electricity, had also "brought into sharp focus the importance of energy security," he added.

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