GSPCA: A record number of Guernsey hedgehogs are in need of assistance


Hedgehogs are being cared for in "record numbers" by a Guernsey animal charity as they struggle to find food in the wild.

Because it is too difficult to release hedgehogs in bad weather, the GSPCA reported that it currently had 127 of them under its care.

The most recent hedgehog, which arrived on Thursday, had probably been run over by a car.

According to GSPCA manager Steve Byrne, many of the animals were found to be underweight and ill.

"Winter is here, and as the temperatures stay low and food is in short supply, we will see increasing numbers as they struggle with dwindling resources and bad weather," he predicted.

Hedgehogs can benefit from your garden as well as your support of our efforts in a variety of ways. ".

The organization that cares for the hedgehogs implants microchips in them to keep track of them.

According to the article, people can assist animals by building a log pile for shelter, carefully inspecting the ground before mowing or trimming, plugging drains and holes, and refraining from using pesticides.

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