Hedgehog "Influx" in Jersey from garden strimmer injuries

the hedgehog

A conservation organization expressed concern over the number of hedgehog injuries brought in from grass strimmer injuries.

The Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group advised people to "check before you chop" in order to prevent strimmer injuries.

The majority of the injured animals, according to the group, had to be put to sleep because of the severity of their wounds.

It has since provided guidance on how to trim without hurting animals.

The group is urging people to keep in mind that overgrown hedgerows and grassy areas serve as homes for various animals and insects.

It claimed that Jersey's housing shortage "extends to nature," and that adding more homes would result in further habitat loss for wildlife.

People are being urged by the conservation organization to "check before you chop.".

"We've grown more concerned by the influx of hurt and maimed hedgehogs," group member Gill Morgan said.

"Six people with strimmer injuries have recently visited us, but only one has survived. ".

Before you begin, please look for sleeping hedgehogs and other wildlife in the long grass and under the hedges. ".

According to the Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group, people can gently move any animals out of harm's way by using a boot, gloved hands, rakes, or sticks.

Hedgehogs do not flee when startled like some other mammals do; instead, they curl up into a ball, which the group claimed offered "no defense" against a strimmer.

According to the group, mothers of hedgehogs were nursing their young at this time of year, and the babies had little chance of surviving if the mother was killed, hurt, or the nest was disturbed.

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