Mid-Devon's recycling rates have increased since three-weekly waste collections began

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Since a new waste collection program was implemented, recycling rates in mid-Devon have increased by about 4%.

The district council confirmed that in just three months, the percentage of recyclable waste increased from 52.02 to 56.56.

Non-recyclable waste was collected every three weeks as a result of the Bin It 123 program, which was implemented in October 2022.

Recycling and yard waste are collected every two weeks, and food waste is collected weekly.

The majority of the change, according to the Mid Devon District Council, was due to more food waste being stored correctly in food caddies rather than with non-recyclable waste.

According to this, household non-recyclable waste had decreased by 14 point 46 percent while the amount of food waste collected had increased by 6 point 81 percent.

It was a "positive indicator," according to Simon Bruford, manager of council waste and transportation, for the new service.

While there was skepticism when the change was first proposed, many residents quietly went about implementing the plan and finding ways to reduce their waste production, he said.

A photo of Simon
Simon Bruford claimed that after initial skepticism, the plan was succeeding.

Residents who responded to a recent council survey said they were 71 percent fairly or very satisfied with the waste collection service.

The council announced that it was looking into the possibility of testing weekly recycling collection in the future.

"Residents can further reduce mid Devon's carbon footprint by placing recycling into the appropriate containers, which keeps the district tidy and aids crews in carrying out collections," said Matthew Page, corporate manager for people, governance, and waste.

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