Protesters against the proposed congestion charge gather in Cambridge

banner opposing congestion fees

A demonstration against the proposed implementation of a congestion charge in Cambridge drew hundreds of participants.

By 2027–2028, a £5 weekday charge for private vehicles between 7:00 and 19:00 has been proposed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP).

It claimed that with the money raised, bus services could be improved and traffic would be cut in half.

It was the second protest to occur in the city in the previous three months; the first was in December.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership, a group made up of the University of Cambridge, three local councils, and businesses, has suggested creating a "sustainable travel zone" that would encompass the majority of the city.

The GCP estimates that by charging £5 for cars, £10 for vans, and £50 for lorries, it will gain £50 million.

Map showing the proposed Cambridge congestion charge zone

The plan has three main objectives: to increase sustainable travel options like better walking and cycling links; to improve the bus network through more services and lower fares; and to impose a road user charge to lessen air pollution and congestion.

Dan Lentell
Different options should be investigated, according to Dan Lentell.

The rally on Sunday was attended by South Cambridgeshire District Council independent councillor Dan Lentell.

There are workplace parking fees, he said. There are numerous alternatives available that spare society's most vulnerable members—the poor and ill—from bearing the burden. ".

Sharon Williamson
The proposals, according to Sharon Williamson, are impractical.

According to Sharon Williamson, it is simply not practical to rely solely on buses to complete any task in Cambridge, including going grocery shopping, shopping, or visiting a garden center. ".

Neil Mackay
The charge, according to Neil Mackay, would be disastrous for the city.

There are other options, Neil Mackay of Cambridgeshire Residents Group advised. A tourist fee is preferred by me personally.

We simply cannot give up, so we won't.

"We cannot permit it to occur. Cambridge would suffer greatly as a result. ".

Rally against a congestion charge in Cambridge
In the city, protesters' voices were heard.

In opposition to the plans, nearly 28,000 people have signed a petition.

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