Reduction in recycling center hours in Bristol

recycling facility

Due to a funding crisis, a city's recycling centers will be closed two days per week, and street cleaning services will be reduced.

Bristol Waste is reducing the work of fly-tip and graffiti removal teams while also needing to close a £4 million gap.

The company must "live within its means," according to the city council, which owns it.

The budget for the local authority for 2023–2024 includes new fees for DIY waste as well as increased fees for garden waste collection.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the local government is unable to raise Bristol Waste's contract in line with inflation, which would result in a funding reduction.

"This has caused some difficult decisions and a significant impact on our plans for the business," the company's business plan stated. ".

The household reuse and recycling centers' opening hours were altered in accordance with the council, going from seven to five days per week.

To "live within our means," the plan stated, "significant changes to the street cleaning service will be needed.

The frequency of street cleaning in semi-urban, residential, and industrial areas of the city will be cut in half as a result of the redesign.

When funds allow, this change will be made first and will have the biggest impact on how clean our city is. ".

Currently, Bristol Waste removes more than 6,000 pieces of graffiti, 8,500 fly-tips, and 6,250 requests for street cleaning each year.

Along with the tips at Days Road and Avonmouth, the new Hartcliffe Way tip, which was inaugurated in June by Mayor Marvin Rees and actor Joe Sims from Broadchurch, will cut back on its operating hours to five days per week.

On March 7, the business plan is anticipated to be approved by the cabinet of Bristol City Council.

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