River Bollin pollutant kills more than 100 fish

Foam on River Bollin

The Environment Agency has confirmed that over 100 fish have perished as a result of pollution entering a river.

When foam started to appear on the surface of the River Bollin near Macclesfield, Cheshire, an investigation into the origin of the pollution was launched.

According to the agency, the pollutant entered the water at an outfall pipe close to Sutton Close, but further research was being done to determine the source.

According to United Utilities, it was "not related" to the company's local operations.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency (EA) stated: "Investigations are ongoing to determine the source, but we are aware of the circumstances surrounding this incident and have determined where the pollutant entered the river. ".

The EA confirmed that environmental officers, fisheries, and ecology specialists are still present to gather additional information and assess the effects on the river.

They urged people to "remain mindful about what goes down the drain and into the drainage system, especially detergents or substances that could cause a hazard" and said they were eager to speak with anyone who could help them understand the source.

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