The Exmoor Squirrel Project wants to kill grey squirrels and serve them as food

Close-up of a grey squirrel

A wildlife project aims to humanely remove non-native grey squirrels while reintroducing native red squirrels.

The Exmoor Squirrel Project requests that restaurants serve grey squirrel and that landowners set live traps.

The grey squirrel, according to acting manager Kerry Hosegood, is "wreaking havoc" on UK woodlands and damages trees to the tune of about £40 million annually.

We won't be able to recognize our landscapes at all if we don't put sound action plans in place, she warned.

"Our woodlands, landscape, and biodiversity aren't equipped to handle the gray's behaviors. ".

The project claims that grey squirrels attack trees in search of food and destroy them, "eventually leading to tree death.".

Over the past 150 years, "it's [been] destroying so much of our nature and our woodlands aren't able to repair themselves quickly," claimed Ms. Hosegood.

"The grey squirrel is causing so much damage to our UK woodlands.

We don't usually go out and just target greys with the directive, "Let's get rid of all of them. There are numerous managed plans in place for how they are actually handled because it is a very serious project.

The red squirrel, which is native to this country, is now thought to number only 120,000 in Great Britain, compared to an estimated three million invasive grey squirrels. ".

In order to reduce waste, Ms. Hosegood stated that the organization would also like to promote the use of grey squirrels on menus.

She said, "We're going to introduce them to eateries in the vicinity of Exmoor because they actually make for good eating.".

No waste was present. They won't be dumped in a hole in the ground; they'll be used for something constructive.

. "

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