After less than five years, the $3 billion Davis Cup management agreement between the ITF and Gerard Pique's company is terminated.

Pique, Gerard.

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After less than five years of working together to organize the Davis Cup, the International Tennis Federation will end its contract with the former footballer Gerard Pique's company.

After announcing a $3 billion (£2 point 25 billion) partnership with the ITF in 2018, Kosmos has since undergone extensive changes.

Among them was the contentious decision to alter the 123-year-old competition's format to resemble a World Cup at the end of the season.

"Financial contingencies are in place," according to the ITF.

The agreement was also expected to add $25 million annually to the global tennis development fund.

Dan Evans of Britain said it would be devastating for everyone involved if the lucrative contract ended.

The world number 27 remarked, "It is disappointing that they can't keep lining our pockets, but it was only a matter of time, wasn't it?".

"I guess we were getting paid a little too much for not doing much. However, you take advantage of it now. ".

With some low attendance and some well-known players still missing, the changes have had a mixed bag of effects.

Former footballer Pique founded Kosmos, which is known to have lost tens of millions of dollars on the 2019 event. Pique played for Spain, Barcelona, and Manchester United.

In 2019, the Finals were held in Madrid, ending the practice of home and away matches, and Spain became the first champion.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the 2020 edition to be postponed; however, it returned in 2021 over 11 days in three cities, Madrid, Turin, and Innsbruck.

When teams competed in a group stage in September 2022, additional changes were made, with the top eight teams earning a spot in the Finals.

The Finals were supposed to take place in Abu Dhabi, which would have brought in a sizable sum of money for Kosmos, but they ended up taking place in Malaga.

The 32-year-old Evans stated that he would prefer a return to the previous format but added that the opinions of the younger players were more significant.

It was a top player who said, "I've heard people say they want to win the Davis Cup and they wanted it to be the old format with home and away ties," he continued.

"I don't believe the entire format needed to be changed, but we changed it anyway.

"There are people out there who are pumped to play three out of five matches for three days and win the tournament, and I'd still be happy to do that.

"But the tournament needs to commit to the young players. ".

Russell Fuller, a BBC tennis analyst.

The conclusion arrived fairly quickly. Kosmos attempted to renegotiate after finally realizing what had seemed to be blindingly obvious when the $3 billion deal was struck: that it would be financially unsustainable.

The proposed terms were no longer acceptable to the ITF board, which will now need to create new business alliances in order to finance the Davis Cup and the international expansion of the sport.

Kosmos is believed to have paid the ITF a fee of $32 million (£26 point 19 million) in 2022. The lucrative media deals that were anticipated have not happened, and the losses—which have been made worse by Covid and the economic downturn—will number in the tens of millions of dollars.

Although Gerard Pique's involvement with tennis is now over, Kosmos Management will continue to be active in the game. In addition to Dominic Thiem, it has recently added Elina Svitolina, Andrey Rublev, and Borna Coric to its roster of players.

Those who were thrilled by the news and hoping for a change in the format are probably going to be let down - at least in the short term - as to how the Davis Cup will take shape going forward.

The ITF appears to be generally satisfied with a competition that begins in February with a qualifying round, offers four cities the chance to host the group stage of the Finals in September, and concludes with the knockout rounds in November.

Additionally, there are agreements in place that shouldn't be impacted by the breakup with Kosmos. For instance, a five-year agreement to host one of the Finals' group stages has just been signed by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

The Davis Cup has become an extremely emotional and polarizing event under Kosmos' leadership. But just because they are history doesn't mean the old debates will vanish overnight.

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