Joelinton: Following a DUI charge, Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe is undecided about starting a striker.

Newcastle United beat Leicester City in the Carabao Cup quarterfinals thanks to a goal from Joelinton.

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Eddie Howe, the manager of Newcastle United, says he is undecided about starting Joelinton against Fulham on Sunday because of the "shock" he felt when he learned of Joelinton's drunk driving charge.

Joelinton, 26, was stopped by police in the early hours of Thursday and will appear before magistrates on January 26.

At St. James' Park, the third-placed Magpies take on Fulham.

I won't decide until closer to the game in consultation with him, so I'm not absolutely certain, Howe said.

Joelinton has appeared in 21 games for the Magpies this year, contributing three assists and three goals.

In Tuesday's 2-0 Carabao Cup victory over Leicester City, the Brazilian's most recent goal coincided with his team's second score.

At 01:20 GMT on Thursday, a car was pulled over by police in Newcastle's Ponteland Road neighborhood.

"It came as a huge shock. It's a challenging situation, Howe said.

"Joe is feeling a lot of regret; on Thursday, he was very upset. He may be aware of how serious things are.

I obviously can't get too specific out of respect for the case, but I believe he is aware of his duties.

"We're now in a position where we're supporting him, and we also recognize as a football club the seriousness of the situation.

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