Leah Williamson: England captain claims endometriosis was the cause of Euros anxiety.

Upon winning the Euros, the England Lionesses rejoice.

Last revised on December 28, 2022. originating in the women's football section.

Because of her endometriosis, England's captain Leah Williamson acknowledged she worried about missing games during the team's successful Euro 2022 campaign.

Earlier this year, the 25-year-old received a diagnosis.

Prior to England's semi-final match against Sweden, which they ultimately won 4-0, Williamson expressed concern that it might flare up.

"I thought it couldn't possibly happen. I won't be able to play, Williamson admitted.

When tissue resembling womb lining grows outside of the womb, it is known as endometriosis.

"Before the Euros I had a concussion, which they say can really impact your next period, and it was bad," she continued in an interview with Women's Health magazineexternal-link.

"You know when you're on the bathroom floor and you're literally like, 'I can't move. When it's too late to take the pills because I'm already experiencing the symptoms. ".

When you arrive at a tournament uninjured, having an endometriosis flare-up "is a big fear," the speaker continued.

The Arsenal defender responded, "I'm a professional athlete, I've always been like, "Let's get on with it," when asked how she has handled the challenging periods that characterize the condition.

You reach a certain age, though, when you actually acknowledge that there is a serious issue. If men experienced periods, I'm confident that by now we would have developed a safe way to stop them.

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