Postecoglou says players should be motivated by their Hampden defeat in the Celtic vs. Kilmarnock match.

Rangers' 2-1 victory over Celtic in the Scottish Cup semifinal in April is celebrated by Fashion Sakala.

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Ange Postecoglou asserts that Celtic can use the "pain" of last season's Viaplay Cup semifinal matchup against Kilmarnock against Rangers to their advantage.

In the fourth-place game of the Scottish Cup in April, Rangers overcame a deficit to defeat their adversaries 2-1.

Postecoglou said of that defeat in extra time, "We know what that feels like and don't want to experience that again.".

"Last year's loss wasn't fun. Because you cannot simply ignore these things, I believe you can use it as fuel. ".

The Australian coach acknowledged that some of the Kilmarnock team may play more freely because they have never experienced the agony of losing at the national stadium, but he still hopes that memories of coming close to reaching the final can inspire his players.

The Celtic manager continued, "Maybe having no experience is better because you have less fear and you haven't felt the pain.".

"A lot of sport is about how you overcome obstacles and things that haven't worked out in the past. ".

Postecoglou had mixed feelings about how his team would approach the League Cup matches, with Celtic's match against Kilmarnock coming before Rangers and Aberdeen's match on Sunday.

We have consistently delivered because we approach every game with the same attitude, he claimed.

"No game is more significant than any other.

However, the players will understand that the game is more than just a contest for three points once they arrive on the field tomorrow. You detect a distinction.

"Whether you have experience or you don't, the nature of a semi-final means there's always going to be an edge even for the most senior of campaigners. A final is just around the corner. ".

Postecoglou expects minimal changes to the Celtic and Kilmarnock teams that faced each other last week in the Scottish Premiership, when Celtic won 2-0.

"Both teams will have a real resolve not to yield because they know the consequences," he said.

"I don't expect a massively different approach to last week. Kilmarnock manager Derek McInnes set up his team last week to stop us, which made things challenging for us for a significant portion of the game. The strategies, in my opinion, will be the same.

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