A second season of The Last of Us, according to Bella Ramsey, is "likely."

Bella Ramsey

According to The Last of Us' teen star, a second season is "likely" given the show's success.

The 19-year-old Leicestershire native Bella Ramsey has appeared in Lena Dunham's film Catherine Called Birdy and Game of Thrones in the past.

In the HBO series, she co-stars as Ellie with Pedro Pascal, another Game of Thrones alum.

"I think [a second series] is pretty likely," she said, adding, "if people keep watching. It's up to the HBO employees.

We'll have to wait and see since nothing has been confirmed yet. ".

The television show, which is based on the popular PlayStation game, has been called "the best video game adaptation ever.".

The Last of Us
The world in which the series is set has recently experienced a catastrophe.

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, it follows a man and a teenage girl as they move across the US.

The main character of The Last of Us, Joel, meets Ellie, a small, obnoxious child, according to Ramsey.

"The unlikely bond the two of them develop ends up being stronger than anything else. ".

After attending the LA premiere of the show, Ramsey is now back at her home in Leicestershire. She expressed surprise at the attention she received.

The Last of Us
The billboards for the drama back in the UK, according to Ramsey, have been strange to see.

She said, "It's weirder seeing billboards here than it was in LA.".

"I recently took my driving test, which I failed, and it was quite odd how I kept driving past the billboards. ".

Ramsey claimed that she and her family "forced themselves to watch the show.".

They wouldn't typically watch that kind of thing, she said.

"Last night, my grandmother sent a message to my mother saying, 'It's not easy watching, but it's rather thrilling. They are interpreting it that way. ".

Bella Ramsey
Early on, the celebrity began performing.

When Ramsey was young, he first participated in amateur theater companies.

At the age of 11, she was cast in Game of Thrones after joining Nottingham's Television Workshop, a youth theater company that also developed the talents of Samantha Morton, Vicky McClure, and Jack O' Connell.

She admitted, "I didn't go into the Workshop wanting to have an acting career.

It wasn't something I was pursuing. I'm very happy with how things turned out.

"This [career] never occurred to me as being feasible. I never once gave it any thought. My tiny brain would have been destroyed by it. ".

Bella Ramsey
She is one of many famous people created by the drama company The Television Workshop in Nottingham.

She mentioned how close she had stayed to her co-stars, especially Pascal, who plays Joel.

In interviews, she said, "We bounce off each other, so that's been fun.". "All we do is laugh about it. ".

She claimed that although she had just started playing The Last of Us on her PlayStation, she had never played video games before the filming.

She gushed, "It's really cool; I'm really into it.". "I believe participating in the program may have converted me. ".

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal
Bella claimed that she had kept in touch with her co-stars.

With the praise the adaptation had received, she expressed her joy.

Being a naive, ignorant, non-gamer, she said, "[Video games] are so much richer than I ever imagined.".

The ability of video games to function in a cinematic medium is really cool.

"Perhaps it will serve as a model for future video game adaptations.

It's such a great example of how video games can be adapted when they're in the right hands.

. "

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