Aaron Chalmers of Newcastle will take on Floyd Mayweather

Alexander Chalmers

Aaron Chalmers, a former member of Geordie Shore, claimed he was "grafting" in order to get ready for a practice fight with Floyd Mayweather.

In his first fight in the UK, the 35-year-old, who has competed in one professional boxing match, will take on the American.

Aaron said he had ambitions to fight people like KSI and Logan Paul and "sail off into the sunset," disregarding the "influencer boxing" skeptics.

At London's O2 Arena on February 25, Aaron will square off against Mayweather.

Mayweather has competed in a number of exhibition matches since declaring his retirement in 2017 with a 50-0 record, including contests against Logan Paul and YouTuber Deji.

YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul
"Influencer boxing" received a lot of attention thanks to the YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

The phenomenon of celebrity boxing matches is not new.

In a match for Sport Relief, Bob Mortimer faced Les Dennis in 2002, while Muhammad Ali faced NFL player Lyle Azlado in 1979.

This type of fight game has drawn criticism from some boxing purists, but Aaron thinks "times are changing.".

It's beneficial for business, he declared.

"I'm bringing a ton of Geordie Shore fans. More spectators watching the sport is better.

They should still watch the sport even if they aren't ardent boxing fans.

"I'll eat it all up. Why not if I can get Tommy Fury and KSI and then get offered a few more?

"I'll collect those and depart into the distance. Let's wait and see. ".

Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather
In 2021, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fought to the bitter end.

Steve Bunce, a boxing analyst for BBC 5Live, stated that although it may surprise some, he "doesn't have a problem" with influencers competing.

"They shouldn't be judged as traditional boxing people," he said. "They're not traditional boxing people, they don't want to be, and they shouldn't be.".

They come from a different environment, one that exposes the sport to a staggering number of eyes and ears. ".

Cast of Geordie Shore
Aaron gained notoriety from his appearances on Geordie Shore.

Aaron said this about his time on Geordie Shore: "I wasn't healthy. Five or six nights a week I was drinking. ".

He wants to set an example for his three children and has previously discussed how learning MMA helped him cope with anxiety.

He remarked, "Last year was such a bad year on all fronts. "My personal life wasn't great, and my boxing career was in shambles, but now I'm fighting one of the greatest of all time on his debut in the UK.

Just goes to show how quickly things can change. ".

Floyd Mayweather
On January 25 in London, Chalmers and Mayweather will square off.

With the help of a "random message" to a member of Mayweather's team, whom Aaron had previously met when the boxing promoter was a security guard on Geordie Shore, Aaron was able to secure the match.

He said Mayweather "won't want me to tarnish his reputation," so they will battle it out over eight rounds of two minutes each.

He declared, "It's kill or be killed."

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