AI is where David Guetta believes the future of music lies

Jonathan Guetta

After using AI to add a vocal in the vein of Eminem to a recent song, top-charting DJ David Guetta declared that "the future of music is in AI.".

For a live performance, the DJ used two artificial intelligence websites to produce lyrics and a rap in the manner of the US star.

The French producer has stated that he will not make the song available for purchase.

But he added that because "every new music style comes from a new technology," he believes that in the future, musicians will use AI as a tool to create new sounds.

At the Brit Awards, Guetta told BBC music reporter Mark Savage, "I'm sure the future of music is in AI. Of course. There is no question. but as a device. ".

On Saturday during the ceremony, Guetta was recognized as the best producer.

Nothing will ever be able to replace taste, he declared. "What defines an artist is that they have a particular taste and a particular kind of emotion they want to express, and they use all the modern tools to do that. ".

He compared AI to musically revolutionary instruments from the past.

Without the electric guitar, rock 'n' roll most likely wouldn't exist. Without the Roland TB-303 [bass synthesiser] and Roland TR-909 drum machine, acid house would not exist. Without the sampler, hip-hop would not exist.

"I genuinely believe that AI may define new musical genres. Every new musical genre, in my opinion, is the result of emerging technology. ".

Guetta claimed in a video he published last week that he made the vocal in the style of Eminem "as a joke," but that "it worked so well, I could not believe it.".

He explained to the BBC that he did so "just to open the discussion and bring awareness.".

It's actually very funny because so many people are responding. Some of them think, "Oh, this is brilliant. Some of them are furious with me, but I won't be releasing the record, they are saying.

It's impossible to believe that it's a genuine collaboration, but it sounds just like him [Eminem] anyway, he continued.

Last year, Eminem was admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Others were less enthusiastic, with YouTube and TikToker Bilawal Sidhu tweeting: "And here is the problem with the state of AI proliferation today. " Some fans responding to his Twitter post were impressed with the experiment, but others were less enthusiastic. restricted imagination. ".

As of yet, Eminem has not responded.

Regardless of your perspective, AI is a reality.

Nick Cave
A chatbot's creation of some lyrics didn't impress Nick Cave.

Variety reported last week that more artificial intelligence (AI)-generated songs have become popular on TikTok in recent months as a result of fans altering existing songs with software to make them sound like they are being sung by a different artist.

Last month, Drake fans started using an AI generator to make their own songs in the rapper's style.

Also in January, Nick Cave published a harsh critique of an AI program that attempted to compose a song "in the style of Nick Cave.".

The singer referred to the outcomes as "a travesty" and "a grotesque mockery".

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