Met Police: Katie Price publishes letter regarding Harvey's online abuse

Picture of Harvey Price, in a black t-shirt, being hugged by his mother Katie Price, who is wearing a red top

Katie Price published a letter from the Met Police informing her that officers are the subject of misconduct investigations due to alleged participation in a WhatsApp group that was intended to harm Harvey, her disabled son.

The model and TV personality referred to the alleged behavior as "disgusting.".

The officers are charged in the letter, which she posted on her Instagram account, with disseminating "inappropriate and derogatory images" of her son.

"Unable to discuss the allegations," the Met Police declared.

The letter's disclosure by Price comes 18 months after she urged for the "naming and shaming" of eight officers under investigation for allegedly sharing offensive material about Harvey on WhatsApp. I don't like the police treating Harvey badly, she continued. ".

An investigator from the Met's professional standards division informs her that "a number of Metropolitan Police officers are alleged to have breached the standards of professional behavior in regards to discreditable conduct" in the letter she posted on Instagram earlier on Friday.

According to the letter's addition, this was due to "participating in a WhatsApp group chat that posted inappropriate and disparaging images of your son, Harvey Price.".

Image of the post on Price's Instagram stories, showing the letter alongside a comment from her in pink text.
The officers under investigation for alleged misconduct, according to Katie Price, need to be "named, shamed, and exposed.".

The letter also mentions that a gross misconduct hearing for the accused officers will take place in west London the following week.

It's disgusting that police officers from here felt the need to laugh and use disgusting content on Harvey by creating a WhatsApp group, Price wrote in an Instagram comment alongside a picture of the letter.

"I would be present for this court date, but I'm not. They must be identified, exposed, and made to pay. ".

The Met declined to comment on the situation but did confirm that a hearing would start on February 21 and last for four days.

Eight people are listed in a notice on the Met's website as being the subject of allegations of misconduct stemming from their participation in a WhatsApp group between 2016 and 2018.

The notice also states that, "if proven, the alleged conduct amounts to gross misconduct and is sufficiently serious to warrant dismissal.".

Harvey, who was born in 2002, was identified as having autism, Prader-Willi syndrome, which can result in learning difficulties and behavioral issues, and septo-optic dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder that affects his eyesight.

Price has previously spoken out regarding Harvey's online abuse.

Harvey was also made fun of by comedian Frankie Boyle, whose act on his Channel 4 program Tramadol Nights was found by Ofcom in 2011 to appear to "target and mock the mental and physical disabilities" of Price's son, who was eight years old at the time.

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