Tenby: After a £2k increase in the cost of a campsite, Haven Holidays makes a U-turn.

Caravan park at Kiln Park.

Following accusations of lack of transparency and "corporate greed," a travel company that had increased the cost of using a caravan site by thousands of pounds has reversed course.

At Pembrokeshire's Kiln Park Holiday Park, some owners faced paying £2,000 more for their caravans than the previous year.

It was intended to pay for improvements at Haven Park, such as a renovated bar and a brand-new "Adventure Village" attraction.

According to a customer email obtained by the BBC, Haven will refund price increases for the attraction.

Due to "increasing construction and material costs," the company stated that Adventure Village development would be delayed until 2024.

Customers were charged an additional £216 yearly for the Adventure Village construction.

Although asked to comment on the letter, Haven Holidays, which manages the Tenby site, has previously claimed that it acted with "full transparency" and "clearly communicated" fee increases to owners.

Owners expressed their displeasure at being charged for park improvements that they would have been required to pay for on a recurring annual basis.

The owners, who are also facing a sizable fee increase to account for inflation costs, assert that there was a lack of consultation and transparency regarding the additional fees.

Richard Morgan, a resident of Newport who has owned a static caravan at Kiln Park since 2014, said it would be "relieving" to sell the vehicle due to the expenses.

He claimed he received an extra £500 bill for improvements on which he was not consulted.

He claimed that his annual fees have increased by nearly £1,500 since last year.

It will be a huge relief to realize "I don't have to deal with this nonsense," according to Mr. Morgan.

Kiln Park is a portion of Haven Holidays, which is owned by Bourne Ltd. Roughly 60,000 people visit the location yearly.

The largest private equity company in the world, Blackstone, based in New York, recently acquired Bourne.

More than 200 people have joined the social media page Mr. Morgan set up for owners calling for a fee review.

According to what the park refers to as major developments, there have been significant increases over the past two years, he said.

"They updated the club house with a new bar, stage, and seating; regrettably, we were not aware that they were expecting each owner to contribute financially to that. ".

According to Mr. Morgan, they made a payment last year and were told it was an isolated incident.

"The park has added another significant development, and the two things combined have added nearly £500 on our bill every year," he said.

Gas, electricity, water, and non-domestic rates are not included in our fees; they will be £8,500, he said.

Rhondda Cynon Taf resident Ryan Lovibond purchased a caravan for his family in September, but he is concerned about rising costs.

"Fees have gone up significantly, and it's really hurt us," he said.

"To be honest, we weren't informed about the developments, and while we welcome them, we'd actually like to have a bit of a say in it since it has increased by about £600-£700. ".

The owner of two trailers at Kiln Park, Simon Brown of Cwmbran, Torfaen, is upset about what he perceives to be a lack of billing transparency.

He claimed he was told it was a "one-off fee" when he was asked to pay £247 for the bar's renovation last year.

"They're currently building an adventure land, and without providing us with any information about the cost, they've informed us that we'll be paying a fee of £190 [for that].".

"It stems from top-down corporate greed. ".

With additional fees added to account for inflationary pressures, the two developments will increase Mr. Brown's annual bill by more than £400.

According to Mr. Brown, his site fees for a single caravan will rise from £7,500 to £9,000, excluding bills for electricity, gas, and other fees like non-domestic rates.

Numerous owners, he claimed, had complained and were prepared to have the dispute arbitrated. Legal action is being thought about.

There is anger, and in my opinion, it is justified, Mr. Brown said.

Cathy Jones, from Cheshire, has owned a caravan at the park for eight years and claims that her annual bill this year is £2,000 higher than the site fees from the previous year.

She asserted that owners were not consulted before being asked to pay for improvements.

We can't get answers from anyone, so it would be nice if they spoke to us, Ms. Jones said.

"We adore the park and Tenby, but all we ask for is to be treated and charged fairly. ".

Haven allegedly conducts an annual fee review.

Before the email to customers became public, a Haven spokesman said: "Due to rising construction and material costs, we have decided to postpone the build of the Adventure Village at Kiln Park until 2024.

"Any site fee increases related to the Adventure Village will be credited back to owners in the upcoming year before the park opens.

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