The reinstatement of Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram

Picture of the Facebook logo on a phone

After Meta announced it would end its two-year suspension of his accounts, Donald Trump will be able to use Facebook and Instagram once more.

According to the social media behemoth, the suspension will end "in the coming weeks.".

The public "should be able to hear what their politicians are saying," according to Nick Clegg, president of global affairs at Meta.

After the Capitol riots in 2021, the US president was indefinitely banned from Facebook and Instagram.

According to a review, Mr. Trump's accounts no longer pose a serious risk to the public's safety, according to Mr. Clegg.

He did, however, add that given Mr. Trump's prior "violations," he will now be subject to harsher punishments for subsequent offenses.

In light of Mr. Trump's plans to run for president once more in 2019, Republicans have been pushing for his reinstatement on Facebook.

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